AESOPS, Inc. takes great pride in providing our valued customers with excellent Customer Service and Quality Merchandise.  

Table/Floor Mats that are made from the Industry's toughest 3-layer Vinyl will provide you with the perfect Dissipative Work Area. Snaps and/or wrist straps/ cords are optional.

Model # 30601/(dimensions)

These 24" X 26" Dissipative (Dark Blue side) or Conductive (Black & Blue side) are made from a durable vinyl that will not crack or tear.  Each Field Service Kit is standard with two snaps installed.  Adjustable wrist strap with six foot cord are optional.
Model # 30180 Conductive/Dissipative
Model # 30185 Dissipative 
NOTE: Shipping Weight is 3lbs.

Airlite III Workstation Covers protect your work area and they are each custom sewn to your specified dimensions.

Model # WSC9(dimensions)A3

Protect your computer keyboard or laptop from damaging static charge.  This 12" x 12" 3-layer Blue Vinyl with rounded edges comes standard with 1 female snap installed and a 10 ft  cord with either a Ring or Bananna end

Model # 30602

Black 12 X 12 Mat with rounded corners w/ female snap installed.  Includes 5ft. Ground Cord and an alligator clip. (packaged 10 per bag) 

Model # 31750/12x12