AE-STAT 3 layer vinyl mats are available in Kits or Mat Only.  
Available Colors: Beige and Blue
Beige Kit-Model # 30602WSK
Blue Kit-Model # 30603WSK
Beige Mat Only-Model # 30602(size)
Blue Mat Only-Model # 30603(size)

Diamond Plate Vinyl Mats are 3 ft wide and can be custom cut up to 50 ft in length.  These conductive black mats are very durable and lay flat with 3/8 in non-skid foam attached to the back for anti-fatigue effects.

Model # 31900 (size)

Table and Floor Mats

AESOPS has a variety of static control matting.  Let us help you design the perfect workstation. We have shown a few of our popular designs, but we can cut any mat to your specific dimensions and requirements.  Each mat is custom made to order. 

Bench Top Work Station Kits include a 24" X 48"
mat , a 15 ft. common point ground cord, a 2500 wrist strap and a 2600/6ft cord.