AESOPS offers a variety of items for your personal grounding needs

AE-TRON Dissipative Stretch Gloves with non-slip coated palms. Washable, tested 50 cycles with no appreciable loss of conductivity

Available in Small, Medium and Large

Model # 2001-S



AESOPS offers Heel Grounders for mobile personnel that establishes a continuous ground path from personnel to the floor

Model # 3001R-H (Red/Black/Yellow)

            Model #  3000 R-H  (Red/Black)            

ESD Conductive Stretch Gloves with one 1/8" (4mm) male snap installed.  One size fits all.

Model # 2000

Burgundy Wrist Strap with Cord and Alligator Clip.  Lining is Copper Coated Acrylic.  Adjustable size. Strap comes standard with 4mm medical snaps.

Model # 2500/6 (6ft Coil Cord)

              2500/10 (10ft Coil Cord)

               2500/15 (15ft Coil Cord)

Personal grounding system worn next to the skin at the waist line that is connected to a coil cord which provides a less cumbersome, yet very effective grounding system.

Model # TGS/STD 3 X 12(with one medical snap installed)

Model # TGS/3 X 12/6ft (snap, 6ft cord & clip)

Model # TGS/ 2 X 27 (one medical snap installed)

Adjustable Blue Wrist Strap w/ 6ft Coil Cord and Alligator Clip included.

Model # 31532

CW-10 Blue Wrist Strap with a 7mm snap installed and a 6ft Coil Cord, Bananna Plug and Alligator Clip included

Model # CW-10

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