AESOPS Covers provide a Faraday Cage over the entire work station and shields work-in progress from static, dust, and any undesirable substances.  

Mil Specs require ESD sensitive items to be shielded from static charges during transportation and storage. AESOPS Static Shielding Product Covers are designed to provide the solution to this industry wide requirement.

Conductive polyester filament fabric with a carbon suffused nylon grid that is custom made to your specific measurements.

Available Options:  3/8" female grounding snap and/or Silk- screened ESD symbol.

Model # WSC9(size)A3

The unit illustrated shows a popular design and quality features.


  • Provide a effective static shield around large items.
  • Covers can be made using Dissipative vinyl, clear grid vinyl, or our patented Airlite Material.
  • Cover very large equipment completely.
  • Cover can be grounded via snaps and grounding cords
  • Side or sides of covers can be loose to allow easy access to product inside.
  • Zippers and/or velcro are closure options
  • Clear Grid vinyl is an option that allows you see the product inside without opening the cover.

Work Station Covers

Product Covers


  • Designed to comply with DOD-STD 1686, DOD-HDBK 263, WS 6536, DOD-STD 2000.
  • Custom sizes provided.
  • Silk-screening optional (almost any logo or symbol)
  • Will not crack or tear
  • Non-toxic, non-allergic
  • Will not ignite or support Combustion
  • Resistant to rot, mildew, chemicals, oils and greases.